Stimulating Smart Investments and Job Creation in Low-Income Communities

Jan 26, 2012
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In this report, some of the organizational partners in the New York Stimulus Alliance (NYSA), in partnership with the Advancement Project, take a critical look at a few of HUD's community development programs, including the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, Section 108 Loans, and Section 3. Recognizing that these programs have the potential to channel significant amounts of funding into low-income communities and communities of color, the report guides grassroots organizations and local policy makers through the CDBG and related programs' decision making processes, with a particular eye to opportunities for community input and engagement. Case studies developed by NYSA partner organizations provide real-life examples of victories and setbacks experienced by grassroots organizations seeking to influence CDBG, Section 108, Section 3, and community development more broadly. Finally, the report concludes with recommendations for residents, community based organizations and policy makers seeking to ensure that these government programs result in real benefits to low income communities.