The New York Foundation looks to connect its grantees and other nonprofit organizations in New York City with resources useful in achieving our common goals. With our Knowledge Center we collect reports, case studies, policy briefs, and other knowledge assets produced by New York Foundation grantees and affiliated organizations. While some of these works were funded by the Foundation, our goal in providing this collection is to put a spotlight on the contributions that Foundation grantees have made to social issue analysis and problem solving.
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Asian Pacific Americans for Educational Equity: Values and Policy Recommendations

April 22, 2021

Educational equity requires putting systems in place that acknowledge and address the specific challenges, histories, and needs impacting students from different backgrounds, to holistically support them as they learn. Despite the systemic inequities APA public school students and their families face, they are often excluded from or misrepresented in discussions on educational equity issues including school integration, opportunity gaps, systemic racism, and poverty. However, APA students continue to be impacted by overcrowding in schools, bullying, lack of quality language-accessible and culturally-responsive services, under referrals in special education, underfunding of programs for English Language learners, and more.It is true that the complex diversity of our community can make outreach difficult within the current system. However, the Department of Education and schools can take key steps to address inequities that involve building and funding strong partnerships with community-based organizations who often have the language proficiency and cultural responsiveness to help support families, collecting and providing disaggregated data, and increasing the representation of APA educators and staff.

We're Not Even Allowed to Ask for Help Debunking the Myth of the Model Minority

February 1, 2012

Asian Pacific Americans are the fastest growing population in New York City. Over one million constitute 13% of the population and nearly 14% of the city's public school students. Education experts concur that the public school system faces significant challenges in effectively serving the growing Asian Pacific American community in New York City. The Model Minority Myth homogenizes the diversity of cultures, languages, economics, and unique histories of Asian Pacific American communities. This stereotype trivializes the academic and developmental needs of Asian Pacific American children. While mainstream media focuses on the Asian Pacific American students who attend New York City's specialized high schools, "We're Not Even Allowed to Ask for Help": Debunking the Myth of the Model Minority focuses on the other 95% of Asian Pacific American students. "We're Not Even Allowed to Ask for Help" addresses the issues faced by Asian Pacific American students striving and struggling to get an education in New York City public schools. This report provides data about the challenges in school climate that Asian Pacific American students are facing as well as the effects of poverty on Asian Pacific American students' education.

Briefing Book 2010

September 16, 2010

This briefing book provides an overview of the history, current critical issues, and policy recommendations in Child Welfare, Education, and Health. The briefing book is not an exhaustive list but provides a good starting point for anyone seeking to understand the current state of Asian Pacific American children and families in New York City.

Bias-based Harassment in New York City Public Schools: A Report Card on the Department of Education's Implementation of Chancellor's Regulation A-832

January 1, 2009

On September 3, 2008, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Joel Klein announced Chancellor's Regulation A-832, which established a procedure for addressing student-to-student bias-based harassment, intimidation, and bullying. Community groups and advocates stood with the Mayor and Department of Education (DOE) leadership in announcing the Regulation, applauding it as an important step in the right direction. Since last fall, The Sikh Coalition, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF), Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF), and the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) have been leading an initiative to monitor and assess the implementation of the new regulation. Th rough surveying over 1,100 students and educators in New York City public schools, we have learned that a wide gap exists between the mandates and promise of the Regulation and the condition of our youth in City schools. This Report Card summarizes the findings of these surveys and provides an assessment of the implementation of Chancellor's Regulation A-832 in the first school year of its existence.

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