The New York Foundation looks to connect its grantees and other nonprofit organizations in New York City with resources useful in achieving our common goals. With our Knowledge Center we collect reports, case studies, policy briefs, and other knowledge assets produced by New York Foundation grantees and affiliated organizations. While some of these works were funded by the Foundation, our goal in providing this collection is to put a spotlight on the contributions that Foundation grantees have made to social issue analysis and problem solving.
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Our Stories and Visions: Gender in Black Immigrant Communities

February 12, 2021

Because this report discusses topics that some may find triggering, we have broad content warnings for the whole report which include: racism, displacement, civil war, misogynoir, xenophobia, sexual assault, police brutality, immigration enforcement (ICE), deportation as well as mental and physical health. At the beginning of each chapter, section-specific content warnings are also provided. Below each graph and image, we include descriptive captions for accessibility.Our report is story-driven, which means that we center the voices and experiences of the individuals that we interviewed. We include quotes from them throughout the report. While we may not necessarily agree with all of the content or the language used in each quote, we include them because we believe they help paint a holistic picture of the stories and visions of Black immigrants.For confidentiality reasons, we have removed most personal identifiers and only refer to participants by their location and age. Towards the end of the report, we have a works cited page where you can see some of the articles, projects, and stories that inspired our research. 

Laal (2019-2020 Annual Report)

September 9, 2020

In the same spirit of striving for change within one's community, Laal conducted a thorough needs-based assessment in Norwood, from March to August of 2019, where we surveyed 200 Bangladeshi and South Asian womxn. These surveys asked qualitative and quantitative questions to determine what resources the community needed and what the most prominent problems facing the community were. These surveys were also imperative in establishing a rapport with the local community members and laying a foundation within a community that has historically been overlooked and underserved for over 30 years. Through programming and resources, Laal aims to create an active community of womxn who can empower themselves and one another through direct action and deliberative dialogue. Historically, immigrant Bangladeshi womxn in New York City have lacked the necessary space and resources to learn English, obtain a job, or vote because they have been treated as second-class citizens-- culturally, systematically, and institutionally. Laal is eradicating a stigma that has been culturally, traditionally, and religiously interwoven into this community's foundation; in following Septima Clark's legacy, we too, believe that Bangladeshi womxn will find liberation through literacy. 

Black Women and Sexual Assault

October 1, 2018

This factsheet published by the National Center on Violence Against Women in the Black Community gives data on black women and sexual assault in the United States.

Standing Up for Dignity - Women Day Laborers

August 1, 2016

Over the years day laborers have become one of the most vulnerable groups of workers within the growing non-standard workforce in the U.S. There is an added vulnerability that results from women day laborers being employed as domestic workers. Despite improvements in the law, policy gaps remain for providing wage and workplace safety protections for day laborers who work as domestic workers. A goal of this study of women day laborers is to address the gap in the existing research by examining the range of issues facing women day laborers who seek employment at this Brooklyn hiring site.

Ten Years Working on the Front Lines: Women for Afghan Women

January 1, 2011

This Ten-Year Report tells the story of Women for Afghan Women: our organizational journey over the past decade woven together with world events that affect women's rights in Afghanistan, the personal journeys of the women who lead the organization, and the inspirational stories of courageous women and girls whose lives have been transformed by our work.

Bringing the Global to the Local: Using Participatory Research to Address Sexual Violence with Immigrant Communities in NYC

May 1, 2008

This report reveals, in their own voices, the experiences New York City immigrant women have with sexual violence and their thoughts on ending this victimization. Many of the women who participated in this pilot study talked about the situations they faced and the barriers they experienced in seeking help for sexual violence. Systematic changes are impossible without active community involvement. Our research seeks innovative partnerships with New York City communities, both to prevent violence before it happens and to intervene when it occurs. This report highlights the scope of sexual violence as experienced by immigrant women, the barriers that immigrant women face when seeking help, and the issues involved in preventing such violence in their communities.

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