The New York Foundation looks to connect its grantees and other nonprofit organizations in New York City with resources useful in achieving our common goals. With our Knowledge Center we collect reports, case studies, policy briefs, and other knowledge assets produced by New York Foundation grantees and affiliated organizations. While some of these works were funded by the Foundation, our goal in providing this collection is to put a spotlight on the contributions that Foundation grantees have made to social issue analysis and problem solving.
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Artificial Turf: A Report Card on Parks Project an Independent Assessment of New York City's Neighborhood Parks

June 28, 2010

This report examined the conditions of artificial turf fields in parks less than 40 acres in the summers of 2008 and 2009. Overall, conditions fell from a B- to a C- over that duration, but litter on the fields and trash bin containment both improved substantially. This report uses the same survey instrument first developed in 2002 to conduct park inspections for the Report Card on parks. In this report, NY4P examines the conditions of artificial turf fields in parks less than 40 acres in the summers of 2008 and 2009. this structure allows us to measure the performance of these fields over the course of one year. Since publishing our first annual Report Card on parks in 2003, the survey has proven to be a useful tool for highlighting the conditions of different park features. NY4P hopes that each report card survey will inform interested communities as new issues arise. the Report Card on artificial turf adds to this larger body of research.

2009 Report Card on Beaches: An Independent Assessment of New York City's Public Beaches

August 4, 2009

Overall, the city's public swimming beaches showed moderate improvement from the 2007 Report Card on Beaches to the 2009 report, in which three beaches were rated "Satisfactory" versus only one in 2007. However, four out of seven properties were rated "Challenged" or "Unsatisfactory," showing that the City's beaches still lack sufficient care.

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