The New York Foundation looks to connect its grantees and other nonprofit organizations in New York City with resources useful in achieving our common goals. With our Knowledge Center we collect reports, case studies, policy briefs, and other knowledge assets produced by New York Foundation grantees and affiliated organizations. While some of these works were funded by the Foundation, our goal in providing this collection is to put a spotlight on the contributions that Foundation grantees have made to social issue analysis and problem solving.
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Planting Seeds of Change: Strategies for Engaging Asian Pacific Americans in Healthy Eating and Active Living Initiatives

May 1, 2012

This 23-page report draws on results from an innovative technique called Photovoice involving 28 community members, community-level data of 308 surveys, as well as extensive input from key stakeholders. Planting Seeds of Change highlights the complexity of engaging Asian Pacific Americans (APAs) in healthy eating and active living efforts. It discusses the opportunities and challenges of a community who has a long agrarian history and ties to the food system. It also discusses issues that come with living as an immigrant and resident in a large metropolitan area. The development of community gardens for Asian Pacific Americans was prioritized as a strategy for addressing access to healthy food, physical activity, and public open spaces.Policy recommendations call for increasing initiatives, funding, and trainings that (1) support and integrate cultural competency into community gardens' outreach, planning, and growing, (2) utilize stewardship programs to increase creation of community gardens, and (3) promote community gardens as a model for leadership development programs. Practice recommendations call for incorporating best practices that community gardens can use to increase participation of APAs in healthy food and active living initiatives, such as site assessments, intensive planning sessions with community, workshops on traditional methods and local sustainability, multi-sectoral collaboration, and creation of sustainability plans.

Healing the Health Care System: Asian American Voices for Health Care Reform

April 1, 2010

This report presents key findings from a series of community health care discussions of Asian American community members in New York City conducted by Project CHARGE. Project CHARGE (Coalition for Health Access to Reach Greater Equity) is a New York City based collaborative of 15 organizations devoted to improving healthcare access for Asian Americans through capacity building and health policy advocacy. The top 3 concerns expressed by the 128 participants included:Regardless of insurance coverage, Asian Americans are worried about health care costs.Language barriers exist for Asian Americans even with language access laws.Few health education and outreach efforts are targeting Asian Americans.Based on these findings, Project CHARGE analyzed how particular provisions from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (HR 3590) as amended by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (HR 4872) impacts the Asian American community. This report offers key recommendations which New York State do to be more effective in serving Asian Pacific American families.

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