The New York Foundation looks to connect its grantees and other nonprofit organizations in New York City with resources useful in achieving our common goals. With our Knowledge Center we collect reports, case studies, policy briefs, and other knowledge assets produced by New York Foundation grantees and affiliated organizations. While some of these works were funded by the Foundation, our goal in providing this collection is to put a spotlight on the contributions that Foundation grantees have made to social issue analysis and problem solving.
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NYC Hunger Experience 2010: Less Food on the Table

January 4, 2011

Food poverty and unemployment trends over the past year raise questions about what it means for low-income New Yorkers to experience a jobless recovery and the lengths to which families must go to keep food on the table. To provide insight into these questions, the Food Bank For New York City's 2010 edition of the NYC Hunger Experience report series -- an annual opinion poll conducted in collaboration with Marist College Institute for Public Opinion -- adds new results about the financial coping mechanisms New Yorkers have used to get by during the recession and their predictions for the future to the yearly findings on difficulty affording food, impact of loss of income and concern about needing food assistance.

NYC Hunger Experience 2009: A Year in Recession

December 8, 2009

As 2009 draws to a close, a consideration of food poverty facilitates a unique analysis of the nation's recession, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and other recession responses, and highlights challenges and opportunities in the months and years ahead. For the purpose of such an analysis, the Food Bank For New York City's 2009 edition of NYC Hunger Experience -- the annual opinion poll series conducted in conjunction with Marist College Institute for Public Opinion -- includes results from a survey of New York City's emergency food organizations (soup kitchens and food pantries) to provide a comprehensive picture of how the recession is impacting New Yorkers.

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