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Get Us To College: Proven Strategies for Helping NYC students Navigate the College Process

Oct 22, 2013
The Urban Youth Collaborative strives for social and economic justice throughout our communities -- overcoming obstacles to make sure youth voices are heard and youth empowerment is emphasized.

They are committed to building a strong youth voice, a voice that can ensure high schools prepare students to go to college, earn a living wage, and actively participate in our democracy.

In the subsequent pages is a set of proposals to ensure that high schools serving low-income youth of color meet the new Department of Education standards for college readiness. They offer multiple ways to pursue each goal, and recommend that combinations of the aspects of
models we present be considered.

The report is organized to share what they know about why items on their platform are important and to give information to help fellow students,
education advocates, and the NYC DOE work toward implementing changes.

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